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Weightlifting, sometimes known as “Olympic weightlifting” is the ultimate demonstration of strength, power and athleticism. 

As well as being a standalone sport itself, derivatives of the lifts that make up weightlifting (the snatch, clean and jerk) take a key role in the development of power and explosive coordinated movement in a strength and conditioning programme. 

I coach weighlifting as a part of my strength and conditioning services. As a British Weighlifting Level 1 Coach, I also coach at Titan Weightlifting Club, here in Macclesfield. 

Under the leadership of Joe Brown, owner of Titan Performance, the club is an extremely friendly and supportive environment. 
We run a number of coached club nights throughout the week, and hold beginner courses and in-house competitions throughout the year. 

Whether you want to learn the lifts for the first time, improve your technique for CrossFit, add the lifts into your S&C training or take part in the sport of weightlifting itself just contact us to get started.